Long Strike Warning on German Railways

Long Strike Warning on German Railways: German railways Deutsche Bahn employees are preparing to go on a long strike again. The strike is scheduled for this week.

A spokesperson for the Train Engineers Union (GDL) said in a statement that L there will be a long strike Tren. The strike will be throughout the country, including passenger and freight trains will be recorded. Sözcü, as in previous strikes, reported that passengers will be warned before 24 hours.

Yap Freight trains will definitely be our focus, but that doesn't mean we won't strike on passenger trains, GD said GDL President Claus Weselsky.

The GDL has gone on strike six times so far. The union, which started a strike lasting 100 in November, ended the strike after hours of 60.

The Tagesspiegel newspaper wrote that the GDL would announce the exact time of the strike on Monday evening. The union announced on Friday that the talks will fail and announced that a strike will be held this week.

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