Spring Cleaning of Roads and Tunnels in Kocaeli

Spring Cleaning for Roads and Tunnels in Kocaeli: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Rural and Agricultural Areas Branch Directorate teams are cleaning the roadsides, tunnels and barrier bottoms across the city. The teams prepare the city for spring with their work.
Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Rural and Agricultural Areas teams by the city, roadside, tunnel and barrier bottom is cleaned. The teams are preparing the city for spring with their work.
Teams of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality are cleaning the roads that are polluted and polluted during the winter months. In the spring, when we are out of intensive winter tempo, the road edges and the bridges are cleaned. The cleaning works are carried out by a team of 57 personnel under the Directorate of Rural and Agricultural Areas.
The teams of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality started their work with Seka Tunnel cleaning works. Washing, sweeping and barrier cleaning work were performed in Seka Tunnel. The studies were continued late at night so that traffic could not be interrupted.
Metropolitan Municipality teams continue their cleaning activities throughout the city. The work is carried out meticulously by the brooms, road washing vehicles and the cleaning team.



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