Kocaeli Sakarya road deplorable

Kocaeli Sakarya road is heartbreaking: On the way from Kocaeli to Sakarya, drivers using the D-100 Highway are on their way to Allah in Kartepe district. Another part of the retaining wall collapsed, some of which had previously collapsed and blocked the road.
Kocaeli Kartepe district D-100 Highway In Eşme, the roads are miserable. In the lower part of the road, the secondary road is covered with water in today's rainfall, while in the Eşme Cemetery new collapses occurred. New collapses occur every day in the retaining wall, a section of which collapsed in recent months and caused the road to close. However, in spite of these incidents, no official has done a study on the subject.
D-100 Road crashes on the retaining wall at the Eşme site continue every day. After the first collapse in the past months, the Sakarya direction was closed to traffic, while the vehicles were obliged to go in the direction of Izmit. New rainfall on the damaged retaining wall occurred after the rainfall that increased the night before. There was no loss of life or property due to closed traffic. The situation was not very different at the Eşme Cemetery, where earlier collapsed. At the entrance of the Esme Cemetery, new collapses occurred and the cemetery was largely damaged. It is not known when the authorities are going to take these falls in Eşme.


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