District Governor examined the Atasoy highway

District Governor viewed the Atasoy highway: Malazgirt District Governor Abdullah Atakan Atasoy, Highways 116. Branch Inspector Fehim Altintas found on the Malazgirt-Patnos highway.
Atasoy, after the review, the double-way work between Malazgirt-Patnos Bulanik will be completed by 2017 said.
Stating that Malazgirt will have double roads, Atasoy said, “Right now, double road works have started. If our citizens are a little more patient, these roads will be much better. Our roads in our district as well as in all of Turkey will double our way. I would like to thank our deputies and the regional directorate of highways who took this path to the program ”.
Highways 116. Branch Chief Fehim Altintas said that the 8 kilometers between Patnos-Malazgirt began work on the road, winter roads, deteriorating roads in the coming days of maintenance and repair work will be done.



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