Ski Federation Pressed the Button to Establish a Ski Care Center in Erzurum

📩 24/11/2018 14:25

Skiing Federation Erzurum ski Care Center has pressed the button for the Establishment: Turkey Ski Federation (MHF) President Erol Benefits and TKF Board members Fatih Chopper, delegation consisting of Suleyman Yildirim, Erzurum, in the framework of preparations for the establishment of a ski maintenance center in world standards; Last week, the Austrian National Team visited the Ski Care Center in Bramberg, Austria.

Stating that ski maintenance is extremely important, correct and good polishing especially in ski running and biathlon has a very important effect on the performance of athletes, TKF President Erol Yarar said, “The competition between the athletes at the Olympic level is at such a point; The difference between 5 medal chase athletes can be less than 1 second. Properly maintained skis come out as an extremely important factor in bringing this split-second difference and medal chances to athletes. With this awareness, as TKF, we strive to bring Erzurum a world-class ski care center and to bring technologies that will provide global competitive power to our country's athletes. said.

Erol Benefits, Ski Maintenance Center to be established in Erzurum will also serve as a training center, all ski resorts in the training will be given on the right ski maintenance in Turkey, stating that the host, he continued:

“The issue also has an extraordinarily large economic perspective. A company with a significant part of the production, provided we speak taking in Turkey. Agreement on a considerable foreign investment to our country and attracted the completion of a major ski maintenance equipment, we will become a production center of Turkey. "

Visit programs in Turkey while also perform interviews with senior officials in the Fischer ski factory Ski Federation delegation, engaged in the production of the world's most important ski-grooming machine toured the Wintersteiger's factory and received information about the improved latest technology machines and maintenance techniques for the ski maintenance.