High Speed ​​Train in Japan 590 Sets Speed ​​at km / h

the fastest trains in the world
the fastest trains in the world

High Speed ​​Train in Japan Rapidly Recorded 590 km / h: In the experiment conducted in Yamanashi, Japan, the high speed train broke the record that could not be broken since 590, by speeding 2003 km per hour. You don't know the high speed trains in Japan. These trains travel on rails that create magnetic fields and minimize friction. The special name of these trains is maglev trains.

According to a statement made by Japan's railways institution, the maglev train speeded 590 km per hour and broke the 12 annual speed record in Yamanashi.

The train, 2003, 581 at an speed of 12 by going to the speed of another train holding the record for more than a year, breaking the record will not last very long. Because the next Wednesday train targets the speed of 600 km per hour.

The train company, known as JR Central, said that the maglev train carried 29 technician this week. The company's first target is to carry passengers between the cities of Tokyo and Nagoya in the distance of 290 and take the distance in 40 minutes. The company plans to put these trains between New York and Washinton DC.

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