Kemalpasa Logistics Village project targets 3 year rotar

Gulab Logistics Village project aims route 3 years made a pass this year, Turkey's largest logistics park activities Planai route studies in Kemalpaşa challenge by opening was postponed to 2018 years. The infrastructure of the project is 2. preparations for the stage tender are ongoing.

Efforts for the establishment of a Logistic Village in Kemalpaşa, İzmir, carried out by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, continue. year investment program within the 2010, 2012 made on infrastructure procurement, Izmir's first, 1 of Turkey's largest logistics infrastructure of the village. stage is complete. Infrastructure 2. The tender preparations of the stage continue. The operations related to the Logistics Village, which was planned to be operational by 2015 until the year of rotar, was postponed to 2018.

Kemalpasa Logistics Village, Kemalpasa, Turgutlu, Manisa, Torbalı, Aydin, Denizli, Denizli, Denizli, Denizli, Istanbul and Ankara to connect to the highway. 1.2 3 million square meters will be established in the area of ​​the village will be back square. İzmir Transportation Regional Manager Ömer Tekin said that they completed the first part of the infrastructure works of Kemalpaşa Logistics Village. Infrastructure 2. phase of the project is revised, 1.5 will be tender within the month emphasizing Tekin, infrastructure construction after completion of the structure of the structure of the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model will be tender, he said.

Until today, within the scope of infrastructure work 1 million 150 thousand square meters of land expansion studies were recorded Tekin, said: X 500 meter channel was made. We built the Kemalpaşa- Turgutlu railway connection line, the forest roads and the overpasses of the village roads. Infrastructure work on the first stage took 24 months. To date, 28 million TL was spent on infrastructure works. We aim to complete the infrastructure of the village. 3-4 will spend more than solid. The preparations for the second stage of the 24 month will continue. After completing the infrastructure works with public resources, we want to transfer the BOT model. We are aiming to complete the infrastructure works by the end of 2016, to tender with the BOT Model in 2017 and to operate in 2018 UM.

'The village will increase the production power of firms'

Tekin said that the 1 million 150 thousand square meters of land expropriated for the Logistic Village, said: Current form bears the distinction of being the Turkey's largest logistics park. The logistics village will also serve other regions except İzmir. Storing and transporting cargoes from the east and southeast will be provided. It will be the center for the storage and transport of cargoes coming from Europe via ports yük.

Tekin, Kemalpasa OIZ, Izmir-Istanbul highway, Izmir-Ankara high-speed train line will be established in the village will be established on a very important logistic advantage in the village of Alsancak and North Aegean Port will provide a great logistic advantage, stating that hızlı companies will reduce their logistics costs, will increase their production power . The city will be rid of the pollution of the image, Şehir he said.

Kemalpaşa will be located next to the OIZ

Kemalpaşa Logistic Village, which has a highway and railway connection due to its location, is located next to Kemalpaşa OIZ, where 320 company operates, which is the production center of Aegean Region. 100 company is operating in Kemalpaşa region except OSB. In addition, there is a railway connection to Çandarlı Port. On the other hand, Torbalı-Kemalpaşa railway connection is planned. In this way, the collection center of all Aegean Region will be Kemalpasa Logistics Village. If the railway between Cumaovasi-Aliaga is allocated for urban transportation, the railroad loads coming from Denizli, Aydın will follow the route of Torbalı-Kemalpaşa-Menemen-Aliağa-Çandarlı and reach Çandarlı Port.

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