Free internet on tram

Free internet on tram: Gaziantep started to implement the smart city concept with Turkcell. In the city, many innovations have been implemented in the tram, from free internet to smart meter. This is expected to save millions of pounds.

cities in Turkey, continues to akıllandırıl equipped with the technology. One of the last examples of this occurred in Gaziantep. Turkcell and Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, under the title of Gaziantep Smart City Gaziantep Büyük, introduced joint projects and future plans realized with the goal of technology-supported urban development. Turkcell has saved 8 million liras annually in the city's budget with its solutions offered to the Metropolitan Municipality of Gaziantep, energy and water, environmental management, security, social services, zoning and real estate, interaction center and IT infrastructure. In this context, there are different applications such as smart stall, free internet in trams and buses, interaction center with city residents, heat monitoring in the Wildlife Park and Zoo and fiber internet infrastructure.

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin said Böl 90 was prevented by the illegal use of electricity in the grid thanks to the Smart Meter installed in the four Organized Industrial Zones in Gaziantep. That means saving 25.5 million TL Bu. Selen Kocabaş, Assistant General Manager in charge of Corporate Marketing and Sales at Turkcell, said that smart cities are not a goal but a journey of innovation that will never end.

Know the power failure in advance

Kocabaş stated that it would be possible to prevent power outages throughout the country with the smart city applications. Some faults can be predicted by instant monitoring and measurement of the fluctuation and reference value in the network. Thus, the impact of power cuts can be minimized. Böylece Kocabaş stated that they did not have any problems at the 14 bin base station after the previous day's interruption.

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