Tatvan-Van Travel Break 3-3.5 Clock

Between the ferry and Tatvan-Van Travel 3-3.5 Time Will Be: TCDD Van Lake through the Van-Tatvan connection to the ferries will be added to the new ones.

The construction of the 50 ferry with 2 wagon capacity has been completed to a large extent.

TCDD, which wants to improve transportation in Van Lake, was the tender for 2 xNUMX wagon capacity ferry purchase tender. After the completion of the tender process, the construction of the first ferry was completed and 50 was removed from the dry pool on April 26 for electrical-electronic circuits, interior design and sanitary installation.

The other one started to join the blocks.

Tatvan-Van Travel Break 3-3.5 Clock

With the completion of the construction, the ferry that will reduce the travel time between Tatvan and Van from 5 to 3-3.5 hours is the passenger capacity 350, the passenger cabin is 10 and the load capacity is 4 thousand tons.



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