Fekede Landslide Adana-Sivas Highway Crash

Fekede Landslide Adana-Sivas Highway Collapsed: Feke district of Adana began in the afternoon and after a short period of effective precipitation occurred in the Üskiyen region landslide Akkaya.
Feke district of Adana started in the afternoon and effective after a short period of precipitation occurred in the Üskiyen district of Akkaya neighborhood. A large part of the Adana-Sivas highway collapsed.
Heavy rain that started in the afternoon in Feke was effective in a short time. In Akkaya District, the soil discharged from rain waters caused a landslide. Adana-Sivas highway, which mostly migrated, was closed to traffic for a short time. The Highways teams that reached the region opened the road again to the transportation by making expansion work. There was no injury or loss of life due to the lack of passers-by during the landslide.

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