Erzincan Municipality Launches Asphalt Chimney

Erzincan Municipality Launches Asphalt Chimney Application: Following the launch of 31 Million investment program in Erzincan as of March 35, Erzincan Municipality performs asphalt paving while eliminating problems caused by code difference of rain and sewer manholes. Erzincan Municipality employees were invited to the teams by training in Erzincan.
Asphalt pavement will be carried out by the end of the year on all streets and streets of the logar and rain water chimneys said arrangements will be performed.
Erzincan Mayor Cemalettin Başsoy, who examined the works in place, made the following statements; “31 On March 2015 we, Erzincan Municipality, started the investment of 35 Million TL. Within the scope of these studies, all of the units to be invested in our science works, zoning works, park-garden related works landed in the area. These are the most important events in Erzincan and trouble everywhere that we go in Turkey. This event, asphalt roads, especially due to sewer manholes and rain chimneys caused by traffic shortages, this can sometimes cause fatal accidents. We started this study to prevent them.
Since last year our friends have done a very serious work. We invite our team working in Istanbul İSFALT to Erzincan. This team gave a course to our staff. As a result of this course, our staff continues to work in Bahçelievler, which we are currently in practice. These chimneys are taken with a special technique and their codes are brought to zero asphalt. After that, our citizens will not have problems because of these logar covers on the roads. This year we will complete this work in the whole city. ”
Erzincan Mayor Cemalettin Başsoy carried out the inspection of places where the studies are ready to be used and made the control of the application made through the logar covers with his own authority tool.



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