Erciyeste Ski Season Continues

Ski Season Continues at Erciyes Erciyes of the important winter sports centers in Turkey, most visitors migrate the history of the longest ski season also welcomes in this period.

Erciyes Inc. Chairman Murat Cahid Cıngı, AA said in a statement to reporters, although the closing days before Turkey and many ski season in Europe, he is still skiing can be done in Erciyes.

Cıngı stated that they decided to continue the skiing season they opened in November last year until the middle of next month, so that 6 will be skiing during the month in Erciyes. Cıngı, the end of April, although still snowing Erciyes'ye reaching the intervals, the snow thickness of the tracks 120 centimeter level, he said.

Cıngı stated that they experienced a high density of visitors especially at weekends and that the occupancy rate in hotels was at the level of 60.

Erciyes, the occupancy rate of the facilities, the number of visitors and the length of the season in terms of spending the most intense season, and voiced that the record Cıngı, said:

Ziyaret Although it was about 20 days to close the season, people visited Erciyes from 1 million 700 every November. We will have a season of 15 bear off the 6 in May, so we will be skiing in Erciyes in the middle of the year. By this time, until the month of April to reach the 1 million visitors would have thought we were lucky. We were also promising the tour operators an average 5 month of profit-guaranteed season, relying on our artificial snowing units.

This year we have a season we have never expected. Although we are at the end of April, snow is still in Erciyes, and the snow thickness on the tracks has reached a level we had difficulty in reaching even in winter. That makes us happy. This year, our growing number of visitors has occurred in diversity. Turkey's western provinces from the busier ski lovers while the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Norway, France, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Africa have also hosted many guests from Arab countries, we still continue to hospitality. "

- Season handled artificial snow machines

The first snow on the tracks with the snowing units that they do and the ground that provide ice Cıngı, so that during the season, falling snow, contact with the soil to prevent the melting of the season, he stressed.

Last two months of the falling snow, the ground is not intact about the Cıngı, said:

Bulundu Even though there was no snow on the hills in Erciyes, snow was found to be suitable for skiing during the season. This was due to the ice layer of the runways. In addition, we have ensured that the snow is completely stuck in the snow crushing machines after each falling snow. In the areas where the snow has been irrigated, we have been able to mix the irrigated areas with the hard layer. In this way, we prevented melting. As a result of all these works, we will have spent the season having 6. Tüm

Cıngı stated that the arrival of the season to the 6 month in Erciyes positively affected the foreign tour operators. We had previously promised the 5 monthly profit guaranteed season, after which we will correct our promise as 6 months. Tour operators will consider this difference in Erciyes and bring visitors. This will allow the number of visitors to Erciyes to exceed 2 million Bu.

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