Erciyes 5. Disabled Winter Festival


Erciyes 5th Handicapped Winter Festival: Visually impaired performed a show race within the scope of the festival. On the second day of the Erciyes 5th Disabled Winter Festival held in Kayseri, the visually impaired performed a show race.

Speaking at the event organized by Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Erciyes AŞ Sports Club for the Disabled and Alberg Sports Club at the Erciyes Ski Center Tekir Gate, Erciyes AŞ Chairman of the Board Murat Cahid Cıngı thanked the participants of the festival and said, “Whatever we do for the disabled is less. We do not make a distinction between disabled and non-disabled. We made a big investment here as Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality. "Our aim is not only to hold the festival here, but to show that Erciyes is an area that can be used easily without any obstacles for the disabled."

After the speeches, visually impaired athletes, with the help of the coaches took part in the show race by wearing ski suits. After the race, all the athletes were given medals.

Feyyaz Gözaçık, a swimming coach who did not have a single leg and a national football team player from Ampute, also performed a ski show at the festival.

The festival ended with today's events.

Visually impaired Mahmut Selçuk said that while he dreamed of skiing 15 years ago, he was excited to ski in Erciyes today.

Thanking those who supported them, Selçuk said, “It is a fact that obstacles are overcome as we are given the opportunity. You see it too, ”he said.

Stating that she was afraid when she first started skiing, Selçuk said, “I was always afraid that I would fall and break a place. I had no problem learning. "We learned easily thanks to the teachers, we can easily slide with commands," he said.

Visually impaired Mehmet Çağaday stated that he has been skiing for 6 months and said, “We always say this; When the infrastructure is prepared, we will achieve many things. I invite people who have closed themselves to the house here. Skiing is very nice, ”he said.

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