Skiing in April

Skiing in April Enjoyed the Saturn: The air temperature reached 16 degree in Kayseri, ski lovers and holidaymakers in April, Erciyes Ski Center in the enjoyment of the shift.

Ski lovers and holidaymakers enjoyed skiing in Erciyes Ski Center in April, where the air temperature reached 16 degrees.

Citizens, who took advantage of the weekend and the 16-degree air temperature, flocked to the Erciyes Ski Center. Those who came with their families enjoyed skiing to the full in April in Erciyes, which is famous for its powder snow.

Hasan Şentürk, who came to Erciyes Ski Center with his family, said, “We decided to spend the weekend here today so that the children meet the snow. Because there are no slipping possibilities in the city. We came here to let them live the values ​​we lived in our childhood. Snow enjoyment in April is the privilege of Kayseri. The ski season is still continuing in our beautiful Kayseri ”.

Veysel Değirmenci, who is also a ski instructor at Erciyes Ski Center, said, “This mountain gives our city a nice atmosphere. As of now, if we look at other provinces in our country, the highest snow depth is found in Erciyes Mountain in Kayseri. As you can see, skiing can be done in the best way. All ski lovers came to Erciyes today. All our hotels are almost full. Erciyes has the best snow depth of the last 10 years, ”he said.