Today: 23 April 1926 Samsun-Kavak line of Samsun-Sivas line is opened.

Today in History
23 April 1903 UK Prime Minister Balfour announced that they would not share and support the Baghdad Railway in any way.
23 April 1923 A contract was signed in Zurich between Deutsche Bank and Schroder on the Anatolia and Baghdad Railway.
23 April 1926 Samsun-Kavak line of Samsun-Sivas line was opened. The construction of the line stopped at the 1913 due to the war that was started by Regie Generale. Line contractor Nuri Demırağ completed.
23 April 1931 Irmak-Çankırı line (102 km.) And Doğanşehir-Malatya lines were opened.
1 June 1931 date and 1815 with the law Mudanya-Bursa railway 50.000 TL. purchased in return.
23 April 1932 Kütahya-Balıkesir line was opened by Kazım Özalp, the Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of the Republic of Turkey.
23 APRIL 1941 Military grounds were put forward and the Hadımköy-Akpınar line (11 km) was built by the state in Thrace. The main stations of the Erzurum-Sarıkamış-Kars line were opened. Samsun Railway Station is in operation.
23 April 1977 Izmir commuter trains.


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