Yapı wrote the book of Central Engineering

Yapı Merkezi Writes the Book of Engineering: The introduction meeting of Ersin Arıoğlu, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yapı Merkezi Holding, describing the life that integrates with Yapı Merkezi, was held at Irmak Schools Culture Center on 9 April.

It started with a cocktail at the introductory meeting of the book, edited by Akın Yılmaz. After the opening speech of Ülkü Arıoğlu, the school choir and teachers' orchestra took the stage. The night continued with surprise songs and poetry shows of Arıoğlu's grandchildren, and a film was presented showing the scenes of Arıoğlu's life and the 50 annual adventure of Yapı Merkezi. After the film, the night ended with the speeches of Ersin Arıoğlu and Yapı Merkezi Construction Chairman Başar Arıoğlu.

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