The problem of bridge junction is solved in Beykent

The problem of bridge junction is solved in Beykent: While the works to open the road in the Beykent region by Şehitkamil Municipality continue, efforts to expand the road and bridge the entrance of the Beykent Region are continuing in order to ease the transportation in the region and to eliminate the traffic problems.
As one of the biggest problems of Beykent region, which is one of the districts of the district, which is one of the biggest developing areas of the district, Şehitkamil Municipality started to work on road widening and bridge crossing in cooperation with Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality.
The area from the area up to the bridge to the entrance of the Beykent area will be corrected by the Municipality of Şehitkamil, while the road expansion work will be carried out, and the remaining part of the bridge will be started by the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality. With the joint expansion of the road between the Municipality of Gaziantep and the Metropolitan Municipality of Gaziantep and the rectification of the crossroads, it is aimed to relieve the transportation and eliminate the traffic problems.
Mayor of Şehitkamil Rıdvan Fadıloğlu, who has been working on the road expansion and bridge-crossing works, received information from the authorities about the works. Stating that the works are continuing rapidly, President Fadıloğlu said, ad As you know, Beykent Region is a growing and developing region. Beykent 1, Beykent 2, Beykent 3 and Beykent 4 continue. On the other hand, the construction of about one thousand 4 residences in the Beykent 200 region continues for the lower income situation. This was a new living space with both residential and private properties. As it is known, the existing bridge at the Beykent entrance was not a very healthy bridge. In this area, this path had to be expanded. In the framework of our cooperation with the Metropolitan Municipality, we organize the axis which is up to the bridge in the area up to the bridge as Şehitkamil Municipality. Planning work on the bridge was completed. Hopefully, as soon as the other side by the Metropolitan Municipality, we will reduce the density with a more comfortable entrance and a wide road. I hope that the road expansion and bridge junction corrected with the problem of transportation in the region will end. I would like to thank my team members for this. I wish the nation would be better, Mill he said.

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