Chairman Erkoç Tünel Junction Projects Will Continue

Mayor Erkoç Tunnel Junction Our Projects Will Continue: Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Mayor Fatih Mehmet Erkoç examined the Ulucami Tunnel Junction works on site.
Together with the Secretary General İbrahim Ulaş, Deputy Secretary Murat Murat, Head of the Department of Science and Harun Buz Ulucami Tunnel Junction studies on the President Erkoç, received information. Mayor Erkoç stated that they have taken action to open the veins of the blocked traffic in the city center: Ul Our Ulucami Tunnel Intersection, which is a strait in our transportation, has started.
We untie the knot in this region that connects the East and the West of our city and is almost a strait. In the works we have started here, we are taking precautions against a possible problem by improving the creeks and we will also ease our traffic with the tunnel intersection. We're going to have another arrangement here. We will establish a new transport system between Ulucamii and Cyprus Square. We will increase the pedestrian paths further by pulling the dolmus stops next to Ulucamii a little further backwards.
When we put this project into practice, we will make an arrangement like the Historic Peninsula in Istanbul. We will combine Kale-Taşmecscit-Ulucami Grand Bazaar and Trabzon Street. We will increase the pedestrian density in this region by considering the status of our tradesmen in the new period. We believe that we will revive our city a little more with this project. It will become much more beautiful with new applications and overpasses between Trabzon Street-Cyprus Square-Ulucamii. We started the restoration of our historical bazaars. Restoration of our jewelery shop in Mazman has been completed. Now we will start our restoration works in the region between İşBankası-Ulucamii. After the completion of these works, we will start the facade improvement works in our Breadçi and Kurtuluş Neighborhoods.
We will raise our historical wealth in this region and open it to tourism. Kahramanmaraş, which is one of the important cities of our ancient civilization, has very important historical monuments. There are many historical places just east of our Ulucami. We have both historical mosques and historical mansions and at the same time these regions, Dulkadiroğlu and the regions where very important historical events took place during the Ottoman period. I hope this region will open to tourism. We are also restoring the Demirciler Bazaar. We will open a pedestrian traffic to a historical place like Sultanahmet in Istanbul ”. Pointing out that the tunnel junction projects will continue, Mayor Erkoc: larda We will ease our traffic with tunnel junctions in areas where traffic is stuck in the city center.
Of course, we had a little delay. The reason for this was that our project was a commons project and it had to be transformed into an implementation project. We made it. Since our city is rugged when we do our projects, our projects need to cover not only architecture but also many areas such as static and mechanical. Insha'Allah 2015 year will be a city with construction sites all over Kahramanmaraş. Meanwhile, we have a very important tender in April. 17 In April, together with our Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, we will tender our treatment plant. Our IPA treatment plant will be made as a percentage of 90 grants without incurring too much cost to our municipality. We will save our Aksu River and our Glaze Dam after the treatment plant is built. U



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