Ayvalık Municipality Accelerates Road Construction

Ayvalık Municipality Accelerated Road Construction: Ayvalık Municipality started feverish activities in its areas of responsibility regarding the maintenance and repair of vehicles and pedestrian roads, which are considered to be one of the most important problems of the district.
In this context; The road, which is known as the Kipa Junction, which is the closest to the people of the district and has become a mole's nest, has been handled as a priority, and the works of paving stone pavement instead of paving the ground are being carried out continuously.
Ayvalık Municipality makes the floor of the deep pits more resistant due to heavy tonnage vehicles passing over the road in question and excessive rainfall during the winter months, making it more durable.
Starting from this road within the municipality's own responsibility areas, Ayvalık Deputy Mayor Gökay Bacan, who stated that he has pushed the button to make approximately 150 thousand square meters of road works, including Altınova and Küçükköy Districts, with his own resources, and the mayor of the districts Rahmi for the elimination of the road problem. He stated that he continued his works with great care with the instruction of Gençer.
Deputy Mayor Bacan said that with the works to be carried out on the road routes under the responsibility of Ayvalık Municipality, 2015 aims to make it a year to solve the road problems for Ayvalık, which is the center of attraction of the world in tourism field, kapsamında The button was pushed for deep-rooted innovation.
At the beginning of the junction, from the courthouse turnout to the Kipa Shopping Mall turnout, Bacan said that the worn and unused asphalt on the ground will be removed and the durable special paving stones that can be easily replaced by heavy tonnage vehicles will be laid. will also be launched. As Ayvalık Municipality, our target is to carry out 150 thousand square meter paving stone pavement works which we will continue in Altınova and Küçükköy neighborhoods as well as in the district center. we will also have bulk works. This year will be the year of reform of the road construction of Ayvalık Municipality under the instructions of our Mayor Rahmi Gençer, and we will not have a small corner without any road including the uncovered road and new residential areas. Ayvalık'ımız road will not remain disruptive ”.



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