Alâeddin-Adliye tramway works infuriated Mevlana craftsmen

Alâeddin-Adliye tramway works infuriated Mevlana shopkeepers: The Alâeddin-Adliye tram line planned by the Konya Metropolitan Municipality infuriated the shopkeepers around Mevlana Museum. The tradesman said that the trade was weakened considerably with the commencement of the works, and said that the authorities had not received their opinions from the project and were not informed about them.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality, in addition to the existing tram line for the Alâeddin-Adliye between the rail system planned. The construction of the 14 kilometer line, 25, started in June.

It was announced that the project, which is said to be one of the most advanced systems in the world, will be completed this year. When the works are completed, people will get to the tram from Seljuk region, Mevlana Tomb, Mevlana Cultural Center, Sports and Congress Center, KTO Karatay University, Courthouse and new hospital district. The line in front of the Selimiye Mosque due to the work of the line was taken. As such, guests visiting the Mevlana Museum cannot pass through the Old Tomb Street, where souvenirs are sold. If they want to pass, they have to take a long journey.


Mevlana Street for the Alaeddin - Adliye tram line was not closed to the vehicle traffic. 28 March in a statement, the project of the transportation leg of the Mevlana Culture Valley Project, the train to Konya with high-speed train to reach the historic city center, indicating that the Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Akyürek, next to the ease of transportation to the new line; He said he was going to revive tourism. Mevlana Bazaar and Eski Türbe Caddesi tradesmen, who stated that their works have decreased significantly since the beginning of the works, called to the authorities; Ina We didn't get any opinions before we started the tram line. This study should be done in the first three months of the year. The project started in a period when sales had to increase. They closed the busy street when the trade started. We want to be finished as soon as the summer period arrives. Yaz


Konya Metropolitan Municipality Chairman Tahir Akyürek, the existing tram line, Mevlana Street-Fetih Street Junction-Eregli Interchange Road to the courthouse in the direction of the extension of the Palace, Alaaddin-Adliye tram line, carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality Mevlana Culture Valley Project transportation ol The project will make a significant contribution to the tourism potential of the city by allowing the guests to come to Konya after the high-speed train operation between Konya and Ankara has been completed. sonra Stating that the tramway line, which is 5 bin 33 meter, will not close the traffic of Mevlana Street, the tram passes through the middle of the historical street and will use the same corridor as vehicle traffic. There will be 7 units on the Alaeddin-Adliye tram line. At the end of the route, the storage area for the rail vehicle vehicles and the maintenance and proportion station will take place. The investment cost of the project; total 80 million 576 thousand 100 TL including infrastructure transfer, construction total and electro-mechanical.


With the commencement of the high-speed train services, Mevlana Bazaar tradesman Can Yildizlar stated that Bel Konya Buyuksehir Belediyesinin yersiz my work. The transportation point between the workplace and the Mevlana Museum was closed because there was a tramway work in a time when the works had to increase. Guests visiting the mausoleum cannot stop by this exit. This resulted in our opposition. It caused a decline in trade. During winter, not only our craftsmen throughout Konya are already falling. Decreases in turnover. From this month, we hope that jobs will increase again. Selimiye Mosque next to Mevlana Museum, 4 has been closed to worship for years. This is a lack of the municipality. The visitors cannot pray here. They do not cover the clean carpets. We want this mosque to be opened as soon as possible. Two years ago, we had to do a lot of work because of the arrangement in front of the tomb. There was some upswing after this area was opened. We currently have tram line work. This has led to a reduction of 50. We didn't get a comment from us before the tram line started working. This study should be done in the first three months of the year. In a period where sales have to increase, the work started here. Satış


Hasan Hüseyin Uyar, one of the former Türbe Street tradesmen, said that tourists visiting the Mevlana Museum did not pass to the other side because of the tramway work; Warning, X sales declined by 40. There were more local tourists coming to this side, but now they can't come. Aziziye Mosque and those who want to go to Kapu Mosque, was using the Old Tomb Street now visitors can not pass because the connection is closed. Tourists coming to Konya are already coming to the day. Only the Mevlana Museum can see the area. The municipality did not receive any comments from us before starting this work. Most of the trades are disturbed by this project, Es he said. Ahmet Şendağlı also has many buses and minibuses going to the courthouse. We didn't need a tram line. Tradesman worried. It is not clear what this region will be. Our work was negatively affected by the work. Transportation was a serious problem. I've been here for 25 years, but I've never seen things get so low, X he said.


Gürkan Kızıl stated that guests who visited Mevlana Museum had a parking problem. Eden Our sales were negatively affected by the project. We wonder when the project will end. Sales declined by 40 percent in one month. We heard that travel agencies did not organize tours because of the work here. The project must be completed as soon as possible. I think the tram is unnecessary for this place. I can tell they've narrowed a narrow path further. Tradesmen are victims. We never received any comments from us. The parking fees in front of our workplaces are also very high. Both trades and customers complain about this situation. The customer doesn't come here when he pays for parking. This problem needs to be solved. Tramway work should have been done in winter. Because in winter, there are no groups coming out of the city. Annual 30 thousand pounds rent. We have difficulty even to meet the rent in this period, Şu he said. Guests coming from outside the city deki The visual wealth in front of the Mevlana Museum was destroyed. The trees in front of the museum was not pleasant. We wandered for half an hour to get to Old Tomb Street. We were forced to drive with the vehicle because the road was closed. We've had a parking problem. We want to finish the work here as soon as possible, Bur he said.

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