The foundation of Adnan Kahveci Bridge Interchange was laid with a ceremony (Photo Gallery)

The foundation of Adnan Kahveci Köprülü Junction was laid in a ceremony: The foundation of Adnan Kahveci Köprülü Junction, which constitutes the last link of the transportation axis that will bring Bornova to the Bayraklı shores, was laid with a ceremony. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu gave important messages about the smear campaign against the Metropolitan in his speech at the ceremony: oğlu Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and its president do not deal with bribery and riya. Injustice, immorality, theft, insolence, dishonor. You've tried so hard, you've stolen much, but we're on our way. Our way is humanity, justice, service, the way to glorify man. Yol
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which provides uninterrupted transportation at many key points of the city with its highway bridges and highway underpasses, also brings the çok Adnan Kahveci Interchange Junction kö to the city, which will facilitate access to the Altınlü districts of Bayraklı and Bornova. Ilıada and Odysseia epic in the name of the famous Homer Bornova'da valley, the transition to the Meles delta, which provides the last stage of the axis that brings the shore of the junction, the foundation of the intersection, Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu'nun attended the ceremony. 22,5 million TL cost to be implemented at the junction 1 will be completed in the year stating that President Kocaoglu, Homer Bulvarı'nın after the completion of this project with the first time in the history of Izmir, 35 meters wide, all kinds of equipment will have the 2 boulevard, he said. Mayor Kocaoglu, construction works and expropriations completed the project cost will reach 100 million TL said.
Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, who gave examples of the investments made by the Metropolitan Municipality, has been renewing buses in 11 annually, 11 kilometers are being upgraded to 100 kilometers. stated that they will reduce the frequency to 30 minutes.
A revolutionary project in Turkish maritime
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu stating that the breakthrough in the maritime sector with the latest technology 15 ship, "the Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir and ships it takes to run the gulf both in Turkey is a revolution in world maritime transport, is an example. Ships door of the firms we received from both buyers and abroad have municipalities from Turkey. We worked too, we made a decision, we investigated and Turkey have opened a new era in shipping. I hope that this demonstration project contributes to Turkey and export shipping industry. We launched the first of the Tuz Hasan Tahsin'n, the ferry boat with the 3 car, at the Tuzla Shipyard. 6 2016 2 end-of-the-ship ships will come to service at sea, XNUMX will go to solid capacity, X he said.
“Don't get further down“
Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu stated that planned news were made about a scribble by a local newspaper to defame Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and its president.
Var 2 is the choice after months. These two months on the eve of the election and for a long time in a planned manner 'Metropolitan Mayor did not want that, there is a quota list in the pocket, the pre-election support' such words are oppressed by the opposition and opposition press. The journalists wandering their hands with the journalists who are not taken to the funeral are being tried to be confused in the absence of accreditation of journalists traveling in the corridors of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Building. Which journalist did not enter Izmir Metropolitan Municipality? Which journalist was embargoed, which journalist did you get out of here? You are polluting both the press freedom and the legal system, and you are trying to get your work done in places that have nothing to do with. not hold! Don't struggle, don't get any smaller, it's bad! We are sure that the city's development and peace of mind to increase the income level of the living standards of the people of the city we've worked for. Do not try to obstruct, try to obscure; 11 has not been a shadow for the year; The sun is not plastered. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the president bribes, riya is not transmitted. Injustice, immorality, theft, insolence, dishonor. You've tried so hard, you've stolen much, but it doesn't! Our way is humanity, justice, service, the way to glorify man. We have no eyes, no ears, no accounts. Everyone knows that. Everyone knows that the Republic of Turkey. There's nothing we can't account for! 2 months will be bombarded again; In the 2 month, the Metropolitan Municipality and its president will be tried to be scratched, from there to be broken and to be discredited in the eyes of the people. We will be awake, we will fight. We will do this for the future of the country, not for our own. We will make this struggle for the rule of law, justice, development of the country and the development of the city. This is the duty of politicians, friends. We have to achieve this together. Bunu
Adnan Kahveci Interchange
Bayraklı said that the project carrying the life of traffic to life thanks to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Municipality Mayor Hasan Karabag, together with the Metropolitan Municipality have implemented a lot of joint projects with the Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu'na said then for the projects they will implement again.
At the present time, the section after the railway crossing of Bayraklı Adnan Kahveci Junction which provides the connection from Smyrna Square to Anadolu Street will be renewed and will be extended to Altınyol by bridges. Thus, the vehicles coming from the direction of Konak and Karşıyaka with the connection to Altınyol will be able to reach Nur Sultan Azerbayev Boulevard, Smyrna Square, Manas Boulevard and the Ibrahim Hakkı Street and reach Bornova and Homeros Valley.
Thanks to the new bridge interchange, seamless connection will be provided through Bornova and Bayrakli (via Smyrna Square) to Konak and Karsiyaka via Altinyol. Within the scope of the tender, the 1.5 thousand 7 square-meter crossroads will be constructed with the road close to the 900 and the tretroque arrangement.


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