When is the railway tender between Manavgat - Konya

When is the railway tender between Manavgat - Konya: A candidate introduction meeting was held by the Ak Party Manavgat District Organization at the Atatürk Culture Center

Speaking at the meeting of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lutfi Elvan old, said that Turkey's ruling AK Party succeeded in a very important work. Elvan, who explained High Speed ​​Train (YHT) projects with highway projects passing through Antalya and Manavgat, said: El When I went abroad with scholarship, I saw these high speed trains. But now came. high-speed trains in Paris, in London, which now have in Turkey. There are in Eskişehir in Ankara in Istanbul. İstanbul

Noting that the high-speed train lines are not done by making the old Minister Elvan, in We must produce our national trains. 300-350 high speed high-speed train has started to work on the construction work. We are now finishing their design. Engineering designs are being prepared. Our goal is 2019. In 2019 I hope to download our high-speed high-speed trains to the rails. We are proud of this. Our country should be proud. You should be proud. Siz

Turkey's 10-12 years ago most basic needs for the former defense minister admitted that the foreign words that express Elvan said: "10-12 years ago we were getting from outside with a simple rifle. Now we are building our own combat helicopter. We started building our own warplane. We started the construction of our own tank. If you say nationalism, this is nationalism. Lafla is not nationalism. This is a job of courage, this is a job of integration with the nation. This is a business of standing upright. There was a coup every 10 years. This country has survived such a situation. Nationalism means producing work means producing food. "

Lütfi Elvan said that the tender for the rail and double road projects connecting Manavgat to Konya will be released within the first 2016 month of 6 at the latest. X In another important project, Gembos road which connects our region to Kony. Currently, work is underway to open a tunnel of 5 kilometers. We opened more than a thousand 500 meters. Hopefully in the 2016, this way will lead to the road from Taşağıl to Kony. Thus, there will be a shortening of 90 kilometers between Antalya and Konya Böylece. In the period of the AK Party governments, 12 announces that they have opened 207 kilometers tunnel over the years. “We're drilling the mountains. See 90 only opened 50 mile tunnel over the years. Sonj 12 207 kilometers per year. There was a famous Bolu tunnel. Tens of government came by. He couldn't do anything. Hatat said that it would be cool to keep potato stock here, Hat he said.

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