3. Trucks Operated at Airport

  1. Working at the Airport, Truck Generated Traffic in Its Own: 3 under construction. hundreds of trucks, work machines at the airport is working at full speed. Traffic on the roads where no other vehicle has passed has been caused by trucks carrying excavation.
    Hundreds of trucks and construction equipment are running at full speed at the 29rd airport, which is under construction and the first phase will be opened on October 2017, 3. There is even traffic due to trucks carrying excavation on roads where almost no other vehicle passes. While the ponds in the area are filled, high hills are trimmed on the one hand.
    Airport and 3. There are very few cars on the roads where the bridge will be joined before these works, and now there is a weekly truck. Excavation trucks 3, which are at full speed in order to deliver the excavated soil immediately. it even causes traffic jams in areas close to the airport.
    The officers working to prevent the formation of density are also trying to arrange the passes of the trucks with the signs in their hands, like the 'traffic police'.
    In order to make the trucks more accessible to the ponds at the airport, there are even ways for the 3-4 truck to pass side by side. While entry-exit points are made from many places to the airport, security points have not been forgotten to prevent civil vehicles from entering the construction site. Construction machinery also corrects gaps in the field. Some of the hills also continue to work in the shaving.
    Truck drivers who work day and night are also satisfied with their lives in the area where the airport construction was undertaken by the Limak-Kolin-Cengiz-Mapa-Kalyon Joint Venture Group with a price of 22 billion 152 million Euros. Stating that they are more comfortable because they work at a short distance, the truck drivers said, “We do our job without getting into the urban traffic. "We are bringing excavation soil from areas close to the airport or at the work site."
    Nihat Özdemir, Chairman of the Board of Limak Holding, who made statements about the airport under construction, said that there was no deviation in the calendar of the 3rd airport.
    Özdemir, who stated that the investment planned for the first stage was 5.5-6 billion Euros, had used the following statements:
    “About half of this will go to ground improvement and infrastructure. In other words, it will go to processes such as soil, canals, filling. "

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