Removing the metrobus overpass in Bahcelievler

The metrobus overpass in Bahçeliev is being removed: The metrobus overpass in Bahçelievler has been removed as part of the renovation work carried out by IMM.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) teams started lifting the metrobus overpass at Bahçelievler during the night hours as part of the renovation works carried out to provide more comfortable transportation service to Istanbulites.

Within the scope of the studies, as of 00.00, D-100 Highway, traffic flow in the direction of Ankara, was directed from side to Şirinevler.

For this reason, long vehicle queues were observed on the side road. Municipal teams first separated the oxygen supply from the overpass junction. Then, with the help of a crane, a part of the overpass was removed and loaded on the roadside truck. After the completion of the overpass lifting works, it was learned that the new overpass to its side will be opened to the use of citizens. Lifting work of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) teams is ongoing.



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