From Japan to the Gulf Bridge comes a special team

For the Bay Bridge, a special team is coming from Japan: At the end of this month, a special team from Japan will dismantle the ropes on the Bay Bridge.

After the highway project, which will reduce the Izmir road trip to 3.5 hours, after one of the catwalk ropes broke off on the Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge, the sections between the feet and the land connection of the catwalk were removed.

However, the teams coming from Japan will disassemble the catholes and ropes hanging between the two legs and hanging from one side to the sea, as they are disconnected. This team was created at the end of the month and will be reported in Turkey.

One of the cables on the Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge, which connects the two sides, called the catwalk, that will carry the teams to work in the shooting of the main ropes, where the vehicles will pass, will be disconnected on Saturday, March 21.

After this incident, Japanese Chief Engineer Kishi Ryoichi, who is said to hold him responsible for the accident, also committed suicide, leaving a letter. While there was no dead and injured, the ship's entrance and exit to Izmit Bay had stopped for a while, while the catwalk, which consisted of 8 steel cables, each weighing 14 tons, was broken from the upper connection point of the foot on the Cape of Yalova Hersek.

As a result of the examination of the experts of the Japanese company, between the nose of Hersek and Dilovasi Cape between the two feet and the land between the 20 day work was removed as a result.

As the connection points were made by the same domestic company, the decision was made to replace them. However, the bridge between the feet of the cat and the cable dismantling, experienced in this business requires a special team did not start.

The Japanese company created the team to disassemble it and started to manufacture new fittings abroad. Japanese experts team will be at the end of this month Turkey with special equipment and one side of the entire kediyol found in the water in the Gulf of Izmit will remove this team, after the installation of new joints will be shot again in the same line it said. Since the dismantling of this line is extremely risky, entrance and exit to Izmit Bay will be closed for a while.

Günceleme: 03/12/2018 17:19

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