Accident on the road to Istanbul Metrobus (Video)

Metrobus road accident: A vehicle that crashed in D-100 Çobançeşme in Istanbul entered the metrobus road and crashed into the metrobus. Trips on the metrobus road could not be made both ways for a while. 3 people were injured in the vehicle that rolled over.

A vehicle going from the direction of Bakırköy to the direction of Beylikdüzü rolled over in Çobançeşme and entered the metrobus road. The 35 HU 360 plate vehicle that rolled over and hit a metrobus turned upside down.

While attempting to remove the persons inside the vehicle, the BRTs were stopped for two times. All passengers traveling with the Metrobus were evacuated. 3 was injured in the car during the accident. Ambulance to the region, fire crews flocked. The police intervened.

The evacuated passengers continued on their way with buses and taxis. Traffic in the area came to a halt.



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