Protesters Closing Eskişehir Level Crossing Are Tried With 8 Years in Prison

Protesters who have closed the Eskişehir Level Crossing are Tried with 8 Years in Prison: A lawsuit was filed against 4 people, demanding up to 110 years in prison.

The crowd gathered in front of Espark Shopping Center in Eskibağlar Mahallesi Üniversite Caddesi on September 10, 2013 and marched shouting slogans for Ahmet Atakan, who lost his life in Hatay. He made a sit-in at the train level crossing at the intersection of Crowded University Avenue and Cengiz Topel Avenue. The activists blocked the passage of YHTs and vehicles for about 4 hours.


A lawsuit was filed against 110 people who participated in the action at the Eskişehir 3rd Criminal Court of First Instance for "opposition to the meeting and demonstration march numbered 2911" and "TPC 223/2 article obstruction of transportation vehicles". The defendants, who were tried without arrest for 3 to 8 years of imprisonment, before the first hearing held today in front of the Palace of Justice, 'Judge those who killed us, not us. Ahmet Atakan is immortal 'opened a banner and made a press release. Reading the press release, Emre Soyaslan asked for his acquittal:

“In the first hearing of this case, in which 110 people are tried, we demand immediate acquittal. While the murderers of people killed in front of the cameras cannot be found, we want the camera recordings to end the hunt for activists. All the lies that AKP has told to suppress Gezi have come to nothing. The fabricated crimes against us today will also turn out to be empty of our will. Gezi cannot be tried. "


Due to the high number of defendants, 2 defendants attended the hearing at the Justice Palace Conference Hall, which will last for 43 days. The defendants, including Eskişehir Odunpazarı Deputy Mayor Erdal Caferoğlu, said that they showed their democratic reactions. Some of the defendants said, “We went there to express our democratic reaction. We certainly did not want to victimize anyone. We just didn't let the freight train pass. We didn't even know that there was a passenger train behind it. It is said that we did not give way to the ambulance. We helped the ambulance to take another route, as it cannot pass through concrete barriers. We are accused of hijacking trains, but we do not know how to use trains, ”he said.


Pınar Çelik Arpacı, one of the defendant's lawyers, requested the acquittal of all the defendants. In their defense, lawyers said, “This protest is a continuation of the Gezi process. Passengers are said to be victims of the train being stuck on the road. However, all of the passengers were transported by buses. Therefore, there is no grievance. When the President and the Prime Minister arrive, many roads are closed to traffic. That level crossing, which was allegedly closed, was closed for almost a year due to renovations. Has anyone taken action on that situation? No law enforcement officers came to the scene on the day of the incident and gave no warnings. "We demand the acquittal of all defendants."

The judge of the Eskişehir 3rd Criminal Court of First Instance paused the hearing until tomorrow after the statements of 43 defendants were completed. The statements of 67 pending defendants remaining in the hearing tomorrow will be taken.

Günceleme: 29/11/2018 20:27

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