Bike race train crash denied (Video)

In the bicycle race, the train crash was denied: in Paris-Roubaix, one of the most difficult bicycle races in the world, a rare situation occurred.

There was a big scandal during the Paris-Roubaix Bicycle Tour in France. Some cyclists, despite the warnings of the officers, risked death just for the sake of achieving a better grade and passed the high-speed train track.

At the Paris-Roubaix bike race in France, the disaster was turned. Part of the tour, cyclists took action to cross the train track. However, at that moment, the barriers that separated the vehicle road by train were closed. Security guards wanted to block the passage of cyclists, but the vast majority of the contestants faced the train without worrying about the arrival. Some cyclists who fell behind and made the move to escape from the last moment of being under the train. While the gap between the contestants and those who left behind has widened considerably, the fact that the tour organizers ignored this dangerous situation caused criticism.
German player John Degenkolb, who finished 90 in 5 hours, won the 49 kilometer.



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