7 Meter Road Removing 15 Meter

7 Meter Road 15 Removing the Meter: One of the fastest-growing new residential areas of Malatya Seyrantepe'da, Malatya Metropolitan Municipality road opening and expansion is done by.
Road and Infrastructure Coordination Department of the Road Construction and Asphalt Branch Office with the work done by the existing 7 meter-wide road 15 meters are removed.
In the information given on the subject, it is stated that only the parts of the existing road at the entrance of Çöşnük District are asphalt, and the part from Seyrantepe to the Malatya Anatolian High School junction is soil, the asphalt parts of the road are maintained, and the sharp bends are widened in the other parts. It was stated that the series was made.
In addition, the excavation wastes left randomly on the right and left sides of the road from Seyrantepe to the Ring Road are also removed by the Metropolitan Municipality teams. It has been reported that after the visual pollution caused by excavation wastes is eliminated in the region, excavation dumping will not be allowed in the area and legal action will be initiated against those who cast outside the designated area.
By the Metropolitan Municipality, asphalt will be done after the sub-base and basic works of the road are completed.



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