600 Annual Historic Stone Bridge Challenges Years

600 Annual Historical Stone Bridge Challenges Years: The 600 annual historical stone bridge in Yağıllar village of Kütahya is challenging the years.
The historical stone bridge that carries all the characteristic features of Ottoman architecture to the present day, fascinates them with its aesthetics and majesty.
The symbol of the historical and touristic district and about 600 years ago the Ottomans on the bridge made on the Simav River and there is no wear on the foundations.
Defying history, 600 has been standing upright for years, and even the chestnut trees over the stone bridge continue to serve the local people.
In addition to the village of Yağıllar, as well as other 5 village people in the region, one of the feet of the historic bridge, although some irresponsible citizens were plundered by some of the citizens still survive standing in the village of the headman Kadir Bayrak, said: animals, sheep and goat herds and pedestrians still use this bridge to cross over the Simav Creek. No one knows the date of the construction of the stone bridge that we believe remains from the Ottoman period. However made it very firm. He is not affected by anything. Hiçbir
Mehmet Kocabıyık (64) said. I have been using this bridge for years in my fields in this area. It is safer than the newly constructed concrete bridges on the Simav Stream. The historic bridge was passed several times before the reinforced concrete bridge made by 40 years ago. The 300 annual historical bridge that our forefathers did is challenging years. A
Ahmet Ulgen (66) from Yağıllar village said, (I don't have any worries when using the historical bridge. Because I believe that the works that our ancestors left to us are very strong. This bridge is one of them, Bu he said.
Mithat Carefree (63), who made a living as a shepherd, said, M I have an 150 sheep. I graze my sheep every day in this area. I'm using this bridge to cross over. It gives me confidence. Bana
Mehmet Saim Barış (64), from the village's people, said, ından I have used this historic bridge to cross the Simav Creek from the village of the people as long as I can remember. In the flood that occurred in Simav in the 1960s, I know that the Simav Stream overflows and overflows this bridge. Even then, nothing has ever happened to this bridge. It is obvious that the bridge is the work of the Ottoman Empire. It has carried all the characteristics of the Ottoman architecture to the present day. Defiance of history is still upright, ur he said.

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