50 billion pounds contribution from highways

50 billion liras contribution from highways: 2014 billion liras of tax revenue obtained in 50, taxes on excise tax, VAT and MTV and highway-bridge incomes obtained from vehicles using highways.
Last year, vehicles used on highways, VAT and MTV and highway-bridge taxes on taxes 50 billion 30 million pounds passed.
According to information received from the General Directorate of Highways (KGM), in 2014, highways contributed significantly to budget revenues.
The contribution of KGM's road network to the national budget is the Special Consumption Tax (SCT), Value Added Tax (VAT) paid by the vehicles, gasoline, diesel and LPG, VAT on motor vehicles and VAT on motor vehicles tax (MTV) and bridge and highway revenues. has occurred.
SCT 12 found billion 850 billion 791 thousand pounds
Last year, the excise duty on motor vehicles 12 billion 850 million 791 thousand pounds found. The amount of fuel taken from the fuel consumed 22 billion pounds, while the amount of VAT approached 7 billion pounds. At 2014, MTV 7 passed over $ 786 million. The VAT obtained from motorways and bridges was 154 million pounds.
50 billion 30 million pounds tax revenue
This way, the road network has intervened in the state coffers last year for 50 billion 30 million 980 million 255 tax.
The sum of the taxes on SCT, VAT and MTV and motorway-bridge revenues from vehicles, which are the responsibility of the KGM, on the state road, provincial road and motorways, constitute the 2014 of the budget revenues at 11,8.
The General Directorate of Highways received approximately 4 times the total amount of appropriations spent on road infrastructure investments last year and the total amount of 3 solid tax and fee income. KGN 2014 13,947 billion pounds of highways infrastructure investment, including 17,026 billion pounds had a total expenditure.


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