3D Printer received support from Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology

3D printer has received support Science Industry and Technology Ministry: Three Dimensional, known as the production technology of the future (3D) that develops in Turkey with the printer completely indigenous capabilities LTS Technology, Science for mass production, has received support from the Industry and Technology Ministry.

3D Printer will be in serial production in Ankara and can be used in all houses with the price of 350. Bil We are developing children's imagination, ece said Talat Sam, LTS Technology, who said that children can produce their own legos with the 3D printer. The 3D printer is used in the planning of the High Speed ​​Train (HVT) X.

The 3D printer developed by LTS Technology received 10 million pounds in the scope of Tekno Investment Support Program. Thus, Turkey has been in the printer's completely exceeded a critical threshold for passing to mass production with local facilities. Sam said they will start mass production in about three months 3D printer in Ankara, "This project will be a turning point for Turkey," he said. 3D stating that the technology will be sold for $ 350 about Sam, said he was in a good spot in Turkey's technology. Sam said this about 3D technology.

"This project will be a turning point for Turkey. 3D is the latest technological trend in the world. With this device, we will develop children's imagination. We will make the product cheaper by mass production and used in homes. From cake making to toys; all dreams, from broken table legs to dental prostheses and defense industry will be possible. The 3D printer is currently being used for planning YHT. 3D printer is used in the development of prototype trains. It can be used in mouth, tooth, leg prostheses, robot technologies and model making. We can develop the housing models produced by the builders in one year with this technology in a week.
3D is called the third industrial revolution in the world. Turkey has become one of the revolutionaries technology. We become a country with a voice. No need to miss the train. We need to announce our brand in this field to the world. We make these printers smaller and cheaper. 350 can enter any house for a dollar. In this way children can design their own legos. However, this technology should be referred to the High Council of Science and Technology (BTYK). If this critical project received support Turkey BTYK lives a turning point. "

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