3. Bridge 5 to illuminate million dollars

  1. Bridge 5 will be enlightened for million dollars: IstanbulLight Lighting Exhibition brings together the Lighting sector for the 2.5 three times with the activities that will increase the competitiveness of the sector which has 9 billion dollars.
    On the last day of the exhibition, the lighting of bridges and highways was discussed. Engin Light, Director of Istanbul Light Fair Group, stated that the light design of Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge (3. Bridge), which is on the agenda within the scope of the 'Design Light Forum', will bring the sector into a sweet competition. Er said: dolar The light design of the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge is estimated to cost around 5 million dollars. 40 saving LED Lighting system will be used on the bridge. According to the Bosphorus Bridge, we think 1.500 will use more LED luminaires. This draws attention to the importance of LED lighting as saving and quality. The light design of the third bridge will last for 1 years. Around 4.000 will go to the led luminaire. 16 can be implemented in simultaneous light games synchronized in million different colors. While the energy saving is around 40-45, the lifetime of a Led luminaire is about 50 thousand hours. Enerji

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