Young Girl Jumping In Front Of Train

Young Girl who jumped in front of the train lost her life: High school student teen girl who jumped in front of the train in Efeler district of Aydın lost her life despite all the interventions.

The event took place in the Umurlu neighborhood at 14.00 ranks. SK (15), a student of Umurlu Multi-Program High School, allegedly left the school, which was close to the railroad, and had no connection with the road. The train was warned by those who saw the train coming, but did not ignore the warnings of the SK, Denizli-Izmir Suleyman Sarica used by the train jumped in front of the number 32396. SK jumped in front of his friends in front of the train, 112 Emergency Service teams at the scene of the first intervention after the ambulance Aydin Ataturk State Hospital. Young girl could not be saved despite all the interventions. It was learned that SK did not leave any notes.
While SK's friends and teachers could not overcome the shock of the incident, citizens working in the garden beside the train road said, “The train rang the siren for a long time. However, the student either did not hear or he did not care. Later, when the train hit, it was thrown into the garden, ”they said.
An investigation into the incident has been launched.

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