Yaman, TÜVASAŞ 5 month has no general manager

📩 03/12/2018 16:40

Yaman, TÜVASAŞ 5 month general manager does not: AK Party deputy candidate Ahmet Orhan, non-governmental organizations continued with the visit of Turk-Is Provincial Representative Cemal Yaman. During the visit, where the Secretary of the Railroad-İş Union Branch Muammer Güneş was present, Orhan introduced himself and explained his projects and said, aset Politics is a service tool. We have learned that the most auspicious person is the one who serves the human being and we have adopted this principle as our own. We have been nominated for service. As one of the youngest candidates for parliament, I want to serve my city and my country. ”

Who will give the account

Cem-Yaman, Turk-Is Provincial Representative, congratulated Ahmet Orhan for his courage while he was robbing politics at a young age. Yaman said that 5 has not been the general manager in TÜVASAŞ for months and said, değil It is not clear when the appointment will be made. The absence of an administrator at the beginning of such a business means that this business is harming each passing day. Who will account for this loss when the profit and loss statement is issued at the end of the year. The loss is not limited to this. The National Train Project, which should be included in the program, was suspended last year. This factory doesn't have the luxury of being headless one day. For this reason, a general manager should be appointed as head of this organization at the earliest. ”



  1. Tuvasas also have a general manager or vice-versa. If one of the deputies is not a problem. and the technical staff who have given the life of the job is being thrown into the sled or forced to retire.

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