Altepe, There are 300 Trillion Profit with Domestic Production Metro Wagons

Altepe, Domestic Production Metro Wagons with 300 Trillion profit we have: Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, the new stadium is accelerated by the warming of the work on the air, the stadium to be completed in the summer will be opened, he said.
Speaking at the meeting of the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, President Recep Altepe said, “Production of the stadium accelerated with the warming of the weather. Because the roof part could be made with hot weather. This was interrupted in winter. Now the work continues. The stadium is being followed by everyone. God willing, we will inaugurate in summer. İn
President Altepe, serious steps have been taken in transportation, THY and Trabzon in the framework of the agreement within the framework of the start of the flights, other countries and cities in the case of the Bursa will start the voyages, he said.
Altepe stated that the studies related to air transportation results, epe Turkish Airlines flights to Trabzon and Erzurum began. Expeditions are made at affordable prices. We have to get it. Hopefully, if this continues, we will start flights to other provinces and other countries. BTSO and BTO will support this issue. Bursa to be a city of the world to go full of these planes, Yenişehir airport needs to be revitalized, Bursa he said.
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, the completion of the subway wagon auctions, said: ın If we bought the existing wagons 622 trillion money. Now we will have cost 320 trillion. 300 trillion our municipality has profits. Turkey will have to import cars to the public. In addition to the wagons, the pieces will now be produced in Bursa V.

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