Ambarli Port will be performing 124 thousand tons of freight traffic

Ambarlı Port will be performing 124 thousand tons of freight traffic: Ambarlı Port will be performing 8 thousand trucks and 12 thousand tons of freight traffic per day in 124. According to the master plan draft, a terminal will be established in Ispartakule and the rail will be drawn to the port in order to prevent the city from being locked and to provide the port with trouble-free service. The E-5 and TEM will be expanded, new double roads between the port and the E-5 will be built and the fuel terminals will be sent to Marmara Ereğlisi. One of the two alternative railway lines includes a 3 kilometer tunnel

Turkey's largest, the world's 39. 2018-2023 10 will be the biggest container port of Ambarlı. 100 will reach a thousand tons of 2023 and 124 thousand trucks per day. Large zoning activities are planned in the region in order to ensure that the port can continue to provide regular services and not to lock the west of Istanbul. Beylikdüzü and Avcılar regions of Istanbul will be directly affected. Who complained of the lack of large projects in the real sector continues preparations for the establishment of rail links to ports in Turkey. The Ministry of Transport has sent the draft results report of the Ports and Field Road and Railway Links Master Plan Study, which is currently under preparation, to sectoral players for review and comment.


If the regulations foreseen in the draft report are realized, the line will be taken to Ambarlı Port, which is not directly connected to the railway. A container storage terminal will be installed in Ispartakule. From Ispartakule to Ambarlı line will be taken. Two alternatives are envisaged for this. The project, which could not be started since TCDD had previously raised the costs, was the first alternative to the railway line. The second alternative is to the west of the first one. In the second alternative, only the cargo will be transported between the container terminal and the port to be established in Ispartakule. If the construction of the line called shuttle train line is decided, a 3 kilometer tunnel will be constructed. In addition, a large car park will be installed in the area where the port connects with the road of Kumcular Road, which provides the connection of the port with E-5.


Despite the railway connection, since Ambarlı serves the short distance outside the port, truck traffic will be the main transportation element in the future. In order to relieve the traffic, Kumcular Street, which is still the only connection road of the port, will be turned into a road divided into 2 × 2 lanes. In addition, a new 5-kilometer road will be constructed in the form of a 2 × 2 split, which will pass from the north of the marina to the west of the port and connect to the E-2. Due to the increase in truck traffic, 5 × 2 lanes will be added to TEM and E-4.


Because of the urbanization around it, Ambarli Port, which is located on an area of ​​approximately 1.5 million square meters, does not have the opportunity to expand. However, in order to meet the needs of the increasing cargo ships and the total demand that will increase, the new place will be ı insider inin. Therefore, the transportation of fuel terminals operating in and around the port area to Marmara Ereğlisi will be obligatory.


The draft plan of the Master Plan study foresees the delivery of fuel facilities from the port area, while OMV Petrol Ofisi (POAŞ) has taken action. Recently, the company announced the announcement of the sale of the terminal in the port.

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