Warsak Industrial Site Ways Asphalt


The Roads of Varsak Industrial Site are Asphalted: Kepez Municipality, Varsak Altıayak Neighborhood kazancompleted the asphalt works of the roads of the first stage of the industrial site, which was put into service.
In recent months, the industrial site of the first stage of the 40 shop sewer and rain water drainage work completed the Kepez Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs teams, all the roads in the first stage made hot asphalt work. Asphalt paving of approximate value of 400 thousand pounds 2 thousand 800 tons of hot asphalt is used in the paving of asphalted streets and was built.
Underlining that they are a municipality that appreciates craftsmen, Kepez Mayor Hakan Tütüncü stated that they will meet the infrastructure and superstructure needs of the Varsak Small Industrial Site Cooperative and other parts of the industry that will be put into service.
It was noted that Varsak Sanayi Sitesi, which will have a total of 206 shops, was built in three stages on 93 decares of land allocated from the Treasury, and 40 shops completed in the first phase entered service.


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