Usak, Zubeyde Hanim Street to be renewed

Uşak, Zübeyde Hanım Street will be renewed: Uşak Municipality begins its work on the streets and streets in the city. In this context, one of the city's busiest streets Zübeyde Hanım Street is being reorganized. Mayor Nurullah Cahan stated that the road works will continue in 2015 in Uşak. Ğ We want to make our city beautiful with every aspect of its roads. Within this scope, Zübeyde Hanım Street will be more beautiful. Bu
Uşak Municipality has started the asphalt and road works. In the city of 2015 in the road to the problems related to the municipality will work on even the smallest streets will do. With the start of the asphalt season, all teams will speed up the work. On the other hand, concrete steps were taken for Zübeyde Hanım Street. Zübeyde Hanım Street, whose tender was realized, is being rearranged. The pavements of the planned street will be made more modern.
Mayor Nurullah Cahan noted that any inconvenience was made in Uşak and said, ın We will have important works on the road which is one of the most complainant subjects. We will meet the expectations of our citizens on the roads in the best way Vat.
Indicating that they will completely eliminate the boredom on important streets, Cahan said that Zübeyde Hanım Street was the first step. Cahan said, bir Zübeyde Hanım Street is one of the busiest streets frequently used by our citizens. Asphalt and road targets for our city will start on this street. We will be in a study that meets our expectations in order to prevent any further road shortage. Our street will be paved as far as the municipality. Then the sidewalks will be at the expected level. Ak
Progressing on the main streets, such studies will be done gradually heralded that Cahan, Usak's roads in the near-time problems will not be spoken about.
Inda Our municipality will turn the city into a construction site in 2015 for the purpose of giving life to all of its projects. In addition to our projects, we prepared a very careful and sensitive program about our ways. With the opening of the asphalt and parquet season, we will be working devotedly to ensure that there are no problems at any point in our city. Our teams will be sensitive to the road regardless of the time difference. We will also end the problems on the southern and northern ring roads. After the demolition of the houses we have realized in the air of the wedding association on the northern ring road, we will not leave any problems in 2015 for the connection of our roads to the hospital yolunda



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