They Celebrated Medicine Day by Competition in Palandöken

📩 24/11/2018 14:20

They Celebrated the Medical Day in Palandöken by Competing: The PUBLIC Hospitals Association (KHB) General Secretariat organized a slalom competition in Palandöken Ski Center due to the 'March 14 Medical Day'. Health workers showed all their skills to get medals.

Today, approximately 100 people, who gathered in front of the Xanadu Snow White hotel at Palandöken Ski Center, waited for the race hour in excitement. Health workers, including doctors, nurses, and officers, moved to the track where competitions will be held by ski lifts, wearing the distributed jerseys. Health workers, who first made trial landings, then showed all their skills. Celebrating the March 14 Medical Day at the summit, the healthcare professionals lived their days to the fullest.

The General Secretary of the Association of Public Hospitals Fazlı Erdoğan said that they received health care workers who are skiing amateurly and wished success to all participants and said:

“I congratulate the 14th of March Medical Day for all physicians and healthcare providers who offer sacrificial health services day and night. We organized various events to live today. One of these was ski races in Palandoken. A total of 17 healthcare professionals, 45 of which were women, participated in the competitions. We will give medals and trophies to the winners at the end of the competitions. ” The ski competition of the healthcare professionals was watched with excitement.