Turkey's single freight car manufacturing and repair center TÜDEMSAŞ

Turkey's only manufactured freight cars and repair center TÜDEMSAŞ: "Our goal as Sivaslýlar, TÜDEMSAŞ further move to be a good spot"

Transport and Railway Workers Rights Union (Ude I-Hak-Sen) Deputy Chairman Abdullah Peker, Turkey Railway Machines Industry A.Ş. of purpose as Sivaslýlar (TÜDEMSAŞ) reported that there should be to move in a better spot.

So, in his written statement, manufacture and repair of freight wagons in Turkey TCDD center TÜDEMSAŞ he said.

Expressing that the Certificate of Mutual Operability Technical Requirements is on the agenda, Peker said, “TÜDEMSAŞ, which has been doing freight wagon repairs and implications for many years, has always been a remedy for the national economy and unemployment in Sivas. Considering that the industry in Sivas is not very developed, the importance of TÜDEMSAŞ will be better understood. ”

Emphasizing that all employees should protect TÜDEMSAŞ, Peker said:

“As a union, our idea is to light a candle rather than be angry with darkness. TÜDEMSAŞ is Sivas' single and most important field of employment. One of every 4 Sivas people has had a bread gate and continues to be. As Sivas people, our aim should be to carry TÜDEMSAŞ to even better points. ”

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