Turkey's 3. Longest Suspension Bridge

3. Turkey's Longest Suspension Bridge: 610 meters long Nissib of Turkey's third largest suspension bridge, opened to traffic at the end of April. Thanks to the bridge, Adıyaman - Diyarbakır road will be shortened by 60 kilometers.
longingly for years by the people of Adiyaman expected Nissib the bridge going to the ongoing construction of link road by examining the recent efforts in place regarding company official from the information the Governor Mahmoud Demirtas, which are ready to traffic in Turkey for the first time official vehicles from the third largest suspension bridge crossing Sanliurfa side by Adıyaman made.
Noting that the Nissibi Bridge is a great work for the region, Governor Mahmut Demirtaş said, “Nissibi Bridge is a very long story, but thank God we are reaching a happy ending. The two sides between Adıyaman and Şanlıurfa, which was closed in 1992 due to the Atatürk Dam, united for the first time. An engineering built Nissibi Euphrates Bridge with the latest technology as a wonderful, Istanbul after the Bosphorus Bridge and the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge is Turkey's third largest inclined cable bridge, with taut cable-stayed steel orthotropic slab being first it carries in Turkey. The bridge has come to the end. At present, the electrical parts of the bridge, asphalt and guardrails are made by the relevant company and final touches are given. With the completion of these procedures, the Bridge will be opened to vehicle traffic by the end of April. Currently, 2,5 km of road has been tendered to ensure the traffic flow of the bridge and the road route in a rigid manner, and the works are continuing rapidly. " said.
Emphasizing that approximately 600 vehicles pass between Adıyaman and Siverek by ferry, Governor Mahmut Demirtaş said, “With the bridge's activation, it is estimated that 1500-2000 vehicles will pass daily in the first place. Adıyaman-Diyarbakır road will be shortened by 60 km after the Nissibi Bridge becomes operational and the double road is completed. This will make a serious contribution to our country's economy by saving time and fuel. In addition, considering our touristic values ​​and faith tourism potential, Nissibi Bridge will bring a serious vitality to the tourism economy of our city. he spoke.



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