Turkey, Germany and Austria began between train cars transportation

Turkey, by train between Germany and Austria began automobile shipments: Our Administration Freight Department with DB Schenker and Rail Cargo between conducted joint activities result in Germany (Bremen) -Köseköy and Austria (Schwertberg) -Tekirdağ Port of automobile transport were launched.

The trains will be successfully transported by Mercedes-Benz trains from Germany to Köseköy.

1 cars will be operated in the beginning, 204 vehicles will be transported with 20.000 cars will be transported annually.

Germany and Turkey in the coming days again (Köseköy) will be launched between mutually Hyundai automobile transport.




  1. Please let me know if you can write me a number or a cell number.

  2. greetings,

    I want to send my car from the dormitory to take by train I can give you a contact number.



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