Turkey ended Ski Cross Competition

Turkey Ski Cross Competition ended: carried out by Turkey Ski Federation Presidency of Turkey Ski Cross competitions ended with Geremi Arkut made on Mount medal ceremony.

Turkey Ski Federation conducted by the Presidency, Turkey Ski Cross competitions ended with the medal ceremony was held at Mount Arkut Gerede.

Skiing B League, Balkan Cup, Skiing B League, Skiing B League, was realized in Arkut Mountain. This race to the addition of another new Cross Country Championships were held in Turkey Gerede Arkut Mountain Ski Center and ended with the final match. The two-day competition ended after the final.

13 March 100 with 12 athletes in the total 2015 province ended on Thursday at the end of 13: 00.

Our athlete joined the championship with 9. Our athletes by category are Ayşenur Duman 1. Mustafa Boyaci 2. Salihcan Duman 2. Mustafa Çetintaş 3. Uğur Akman 3. Tarık Aydın 3. were the athletes. According to the combined results of the team Ağrı province 1. Xinx of the province of Mus. Ankara is the 2. they took their trophies.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 14:20

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