Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Trambus Description

Malatya Metropolitan TRAMBUS the Municipal Description: 762 thousand countrymen of our carrying in all areas covered by the duties the responsibility of the Metropolitan Municipality Our field of transportation in the awareness of this responsibility, the TRAMBUS service will be exemplary models of public transport in Turkey will continue to make ready for the service of Malatya people.

Turkey is a role model in the history of TRAMBUS service our 10 1 15.03.2015 them TRAMBUS similar tool before starting to provinces in 22.26 hours Inonu University, was withdrawn from service because of fire occurred in the campus area.
A commission consisting of independent experts specialized in this field has been established in Turkey and abroad to carry out inspections and inspections in all of our Trambuses and lines for the realization of the quality of service after the first and foremost for the safety of our fellow citizens.
In order to carry out all technical and technological investigations related to the event, the investigation commission formed by the Metropolitan Municipality of Malatya completed its investigations. As a result of the examinations, the following conclusions were reached:
1. ABB Electric Power Systems Director Atilla Turkey Origin, Project Manager Tayfun Aydin TRAMBUS vehicle under the supervision of technical teams related to the burning of DC Power Supply System of behavior is examined. Descriptions of the DC power supply system before and after the faults are reported in detail. As a result, it has been determined that the line protection functions are in accordance with the operating scenario and there is no problem on the transformer side.
2. Electrical Electronic Control Systems Specialist İbrahim Serhan Aslan, Air Line and Power Systems Specialist. Suleyman Acikbas and his teams have been found to be working correctly on SCADA and power systems and these systems are working correctly, and the changes on the line, transformers and vehicles are recorded centrally.
3. He worked as Specialist Expert at TÜV Thüringen, an independent German corporation. Ralf Kleebusch and Dr. On the vehicle by Stephan Rudolf; it is stated that the contactor box of the vehicle is overheated due to the arcing and fire from the high pressure occurring in the box.
4. The reports prepared by independent institutions were examined in detail by the Technical Inspection Commission formed by the Malatya Metropolitan Municipality.
5. All overhead line system, transformer and Trambus vehicles are under warranty of the contractor company for all kinds of problems and malfunctions for two years. Work on the production of new vehicles instead of burning vehicles has been initiated immediately and the vehicle will be delivered as soon as possible.
As a result, due to the incident, the repair of the overhead line was completed and energized and tested. Hawaii that even the means to remain an impediment to work, will be an example for Turkey in the field of public transport will continue to test drive our service TRAMBUS.
It is announced to the public.

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