Tram crash accident camera in Eskisehir (Video)

Tram accident accident camera in Eskişehir: 16 March 2015 history occurred in Eskişehir by tram crash surveillance cameras recorded seconds. According to the images, it is claimed that the dead man threw himself in front of the tram in order to commit suicide.

According to information obtained, 16 March 2015 on the Tram Line-Opera Opera 71 Istanbul-managed tram, Mustafa Kemal Pasha District Hasan Polatkan Boulevard Hüsnü Çetin (60) on the line, the impact of the impact of the man trapped under the tram, event died at the site. Security camera images that recorded the moment of the second seconds appeared today. In the footage, the man waits at the side of the road, where he threw himself on the tram.

Ali Eryilmaz, the chairman of the Eskişehir Branch of the Turkish Railways Association, made a statement to İhlas News Agency (İHA) about the images reflected on the security cameras. Eryilmaz, the person in front of the tram at the time the tram claimed he threw himself.

Er As seen in the images, our friend is not crossing the street and waiting for the tram even though there is no traffic, arkadaş Eryılmaz said.

. Although our tram is within the speed limits, our friend is in front of the tram and this accident happened. After the accident, the psychology of our homosexual friend was disrupted. Although we support our father-in-law as a union, he is considering quitting the profession. At this point, we draw attention to the problems of our homeland friends and expect support from the society. Bu



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