The site was removed from the three-storey Istanbul tunnel project route

Three-storey large Istanbul tunnel project route was removed from the route: details of the Grand Istanbul Tunnel to be made in Istanbul began to emerge. The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, which has experience in the Marmaray and Eurasia Tube Passage project, will carry out project-specific works. The final destination for the project, announced in June, is to establish the construction site at the end of the year 2015. 3 significant work was done for the project. Istanbul's natural protected areas were determined by the route. Historical SIT areas have been removed from the route. The Ministry will employ a special team for historical artifacts in case of excavations. Excavations will be careful with butterfly sensitivity.

Transportation axes of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality were examined for the project. Axes were chosen to suit the most ideal place. With the itinerary, the bridges that take the capacity will take a sigh of relief. The 2 on which the Ministry is addressing. Seismic research was the study. In this context, six of the Bosphorus strains were screened seismically. Additional drilling operations will be carried out. Lastly, special attention was given to safety. Depth was considered according to specific engineering knowledge. Under the 115 meter of the sea, the project will be carried out under the 65 meter ground below the depth of the 50 meter. This level eliminates the water pressure of the Bosphorus. The transport will be the backbone of transportation Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Communications, Infrastructure Investments General Fatih Turan made special statements to Yeni Şafak. Turan noted that the study was carried out jointly with IMM and said Avrupa 1 million from Asia to Europe is passed by 600 thousand people. In 2023, this figure is 4 million. Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge (FSM) exceeded the upper limits of its capacity. I We have decided to implement such a project, which brings together both the rails and the rail system, instead of making a new Eurasian plan. Biz Ini The project will be the most important backbone between the East-West axis of Istanbul, Tur said Turan.

Istanbul was the missing link on the route. It was already in the models, Mod he said. 9 metro line is touched with the project 1 million 250 thousand passengers will be transported by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Infrastructure Investments General Fatih Turan said that the study touched the 9 metro line. Turan stated that 6,5 million people are accessing these stations lend When the project is added to the system, 1 million 205 thousand people will be added. The Grand Istanbul tunnel will provide integration. Ulaşım We can see fiberoptic cables Turhan gave the following information about the work done in the project. Şartlar The topographical conditions of the route were taken into account. Existing structures, historical structures. We have done all these studies. Since it will be underground, there is no serious obstacle for tube passage. We may encounter some infrastructure networks underground. ISKI's solid waste line or Telecom's fiberoptic line may coincide. We will not have any problems with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality için

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