This is Russia's crazy project from London to New York

This is Russia's crazy project from London to New York highway. According to the news published in the Siberian Times Russian Railways President Vladimir Yakunin, the existing trans-Siberian railroad next to a high-speed train network proposed to be established.
One of the ultimate goals of the project is to connect North America and Asia. Moreover, it will be supported not only by train network but also by a highway.
Although there is no explanation on how to cross the Bering Strait between the two continents, that is, how to cross from Siberia to Alaska, it is aimed to unite the two continents with a bridge, tunnel or ferry service.
The project is not limited to this… An oil and gas pipeline between the two continents will also be included in the project.
The connection of the road starts from Chukotka in the far eastern region of Russia and continues along the Bering Strait and reaches Alaska's Seward Peninsula.
It will also be connected to roads leading to Western Europe and Asia.
Thus, it is aimed to bring the Siberian region to the world economy.
With all these connections, a person traveling from London by car will reach 20 thousand 777 kilometers and reach New York. You will need train or ferry support in the meantime.
Yakunin is known as a close friend of Putin and the project is considered to be real. However, it is stated that the cost can reach trillion dollars.

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