No Asphalt Place in the Army

There will be no asphalt in the army: Ordu Metropolitan Municipality will restore all of the group and side roads in Ordu to a healthy structure with hot asphalt within the scope of this project within 3 years.
752 km of asphalt road that performs an important investment in Turkey who signed contracts with the Army Metropolitan Municipality, all of the groups in the army and seek ways to settle this project within 3 years of hot asphalt a healthy structure.
In the works carried out by the contractor firm in different regions of 5 districts, the Metropolitan Municipality, which continues to make existing measurements and projects, road paving and art structures in line with the project, has completed the measurement studies of more than 200 km.
The current measurement studies have been checked by the control engineers on the site indicating that the authorities, all kinds of necessary tests related to the production of the staff of the Directorate of Transportation Department of the Metropolitan Municipality, the control engineers have been inspected, the weather at frequent intervals of rain and high temperatures of the air temperatures in the negative effects of the studies have been emphasized. Officials said that the air temperatures were measured continuously in the areas where the roads were worked, and the plans and necessary measures in this direction were taken in this direction and the works continued to gain a continuous quality in order to make a quality production to the extent allowed by the seasonal conditions.
Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Enver Yılmaz said that more than 752 km of hot asphalt work will be carried out with the 1000 km tender and the works to be carried out with Ordu Metropolitan Municipality's own team and equipment. Yılmaz said, “Our total route length is a distance from Ordu to Edirne. Ordu province made the biggest tender in its own dynamics. This project will cost a total of 309 million lira, including value added taxes. These roads built within 3 years of work will constitute approximately 70 percent of our budget. Ordu airport, which is the world's 3rd airport in Europe, is built by filling the sea and its cost is around 1 million liras. The cost of the hot asphalt road tender, which we are working on, is 300 million TL. In addition, all of the group and side roads in Ordu will be made in this scope. We see the great support of our citizens in all these works. We thank everyone very much ”.
In line with the studies carried out, the following works were carried out in 5 district:
-Altınordu - Kayabaşı - Collective - Gökömer - Gerce neighborhood road widening and art structure works (Drainage Works),
-Altınordu - Öceli - Sergeants - Teyneli - Akkese - Kayadibi - Günören neighborhood road, weak ground excavation, soil improvement, sub-foundation filling, art structure works (drainage works),
- Works of art structure on the way to Altinordu-Delikkaya-Arpakoy neighborhood (Drainage Works),
-Çatalpınar- Keçili-Gündoğdu road development works in the neighborhood road and ground improvement studies,
- Manufacturing works of 4.00 x 4.00 box culvert, 8.00 x 4.00 box culvert and reinforced concrete retaining walls on the road to İkizce - Kurtköy - Kutluca - Başönü - Şenbolluk neighborhood,
-Ulubey-Kıranyağmur-Durak-Güvenyurt-Koşaca road expansion and art structure works in the neighborhood road,
-Ulubey - Aydınlar-Koloğlu-Kocahasan neighborhood road, road widening, ground improvement and artistic stone wall works,
-Ünye - Eskikızılcakese-Keşköy-Şenyurt neighborhood road with reinforced concrete box culvert and regulation works.

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