Cafer Küçük: The Problem of Public Transport of the Shamrock Should Be Solved in a Moment

Cafer Küçük: The Public Transport Problem of the Yonca should be solved as soon as possible: The President of the Tourism Commission of Kütahya Union Foundation and Yoncalı Huzur Thermal Hotel Owner Cafer Küçük, both from Kütahya and from Tavşanlı to Yoncalı, stated that there were major shortcomings and difficulties in public transportation. he said.
Küçük, in a statement he made, called on the officials for the solution of the problem and said, “We have minibuses that provide transportation between Yoncalı and Kütahya, which explains the problems experienced in the transportation of Yoncalı to Tavsanli and Kutahya by public transportation vehicles. They perform an important service with many sacrifices. But this is not enough. They work between certain hours due to reasons such as there is little or not a customer especially in summer months. For example, they do not work after 17.00 in winter. Municipal Buses have only two flights, 08.30:17.30 in the morning and 17.30:XNUMX in the evening. After XNUMX, there is no possibility of transportation from Kütahya to Yoncalı and from Yoncalı to Kütahya by public transport. The minibuses that provide transportation from Tavsanli to Yoncali also work only in the summer months. In other words, there is no public transportation opportunity between Tavsanli Yoncalı except summer months. ''
Stating that Yoncalı has been developing and growing especially with the important investments made in recent years, Küçük said, “Yoncalı continues to grow and develop. There are new investments constantly. For example, it is said that the Tourism High School will be opened for the Education and Training season. A significant number of staff working in existing facilities are employed from Kütahya and Tavsanli. The guests who want to come to Yoncalı without a special vehicle are either having a lot of trouble or cannot come at all. ”
Expressing that Yoncalı is now a neighborhood of Kütahya, Cafer Küçük said: “Before the ring road was opened, minibuses running on the Tavsanli-Kütahya line were passing through the Clover. There was no problem for him, and transportation was always provided from both Kütahya and Tavsanli to Yoncali. These difficulties arose as a result of the opening of the ring road and the fact that the Tavsanli Minibuses did not stop in Yoncali. We want this problem that causes great grievances and troubles to be resolved as soon as possible ”.

Günceleme: 24/12/2018 16:23

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